April 29, 2014

CBA biologist and CEO publishes paper on Williamson's Sapsucker in British Columbia

CBA Ltdís John Cooper has co-authored a paper on the population size of Williamsonís Sapsucker in British Columbia. This rare woodpecker is Endangered in Canada and population estimates are difficult due to its small population scattered over large geographic areas. Over a number of years, systematic surveys were conducted in suitable older western larch-Douglas-fir forests and the results were used to estimate the breeding population. Three different statistical methods were used to estimate a breeding population of 381-526 breeding pairs within the Merritt-Princeton and Okanagan-Boundary regions occupied by Williamsonís Sapsucker. The paper is available from the authors, by joining BCFO,† or will be available online later in 2014 at: http://bcfo.ca/british-columbia-birds/.

Citation: Gyug, L.W., J.M. Cooper and C. Steeger. 2014. Distribution, relative abundance and population size of Williamsonís Sapsucker in south-central British Columbia. BC Birds 24:9-19.†