May 5, 2014

CBA revegetation specialist publishes paper in the Canadian Journal of Soil Science

CBA revegetation specialist, Allan Carson, and his co-authors Mike Rutherford and Phil Burton of UNBC, have successfully submitted a paper to the Canadian Journal of Soil Science (CJSS). The paper is entitled "Desulphurized Tailings Serve as a Useful Soil Supplement for Mine Reclamation" and describes the results of monitoring of revegetation test plots established at Huckleberry Mine, Houston, BC between 2009 and 2011. The paper is featured as the cover article for the August 2014 issue of CJSS.

Carson, A. W., P. M. Rutherford, and P. J. Burton. 2014. Desulphurized tailings serve as a useful soil supplement for mine reclamation. Canadian Journal of Soil Science 94: 529-541.