November 20, 2015

Provincial Native Seed Bank Feasibility Study

Keefer Ecological Services Ltd., Cooper Beauchesne and Associates Ltd. and the BC Conservation Foundation are proposing to conduct a feasibility study with the goal of creating a provincial native seed bank in British Columbia. As a compliment to the commercial tree species seed bank operated by BC Government’s Seed Planning and Registry Application (SPAR), the focus of the proposed seed bank would be on native species that are not of current importance to the forestry industry yet are crucial ecosystem components; these include non-commercial tree, shrubs, grasses and wildflowers.   The study would examine various approaches to developing a seed bank that would provide benefits and be inclusive to multiple stakeholders, including First Nations, government, educational institutions, seed collectors, plant nurseries and natural resource and agriculture industries. Our vision is the development of a viable facility that would foster commerce, education and research opportunities for all stakeholders.

Over the next 10 years, the development of natural resources, particularly in Northern BC is set to significantly increase as numerous proposed major mining, oil and gas and hydro projects reach construction stage. With all this proposed development, the demand for native seed is likely to significantly increase. Currently, the capacity of native seed and seedling providers in the province may be unlikely to meet the anticipated demands. Creating a central repository for native seed could aid seed and seedling providers in meeting these demands by providing the means to increase the collection, storage and inventory of native seed. This would provide industry with the resources necessary to help implement best practices in the revegetation of disturbed lands in BC.

As environmental leaders our team has created this project, we are now seeking support from industry, government and others to make this essential project for ecological sustainability a reality.

For more information, please contact:

Michael Keefer,

Allan Carson,