CBA Ltd. is working to assist mining companies in the revegetation of various disturbed and degraded mine soils and mine tailings during both their operation and closure stages. Through innovative and applied research, using both field and greenhouse trials, CBALtd. aims to identify the most successful and cost-effective methods for re-establishing native plant assemblages and forest cover on mined lands. In Northern B.C, factors such as short growing seasons and shallow soils pose significant limitations to revegetation efforts and often, only native plants adapted to these harsh conditions can thrive; but these native plants are very poorly studied. CBALtd. is conducting ongoing research with various native plant species adapted to these northern environments in order to provide mining developments with successful revegetation practices and promote stewardship of the landscape and its multiple resources.

Revegetation of Mine Soils at Huckleberry Mines, Houston, B.C

In the summer of 2008, CBA Ltd. began conducting reclamation research at Huckleberry Mines to assist in its efforts to meet the sites reclamation objectives outlined in their closure plans. The focus of the research has been on the following three initiatives: 1) effectiveness monitoring of vegetation and analysis of mine soil properties within revegetation test plots, 2) revegetation of inactive areas of the mine site and 3) the collection and preparation of seeds from local native plant species.

Reclamation Planning at Bralorne-Takla Mine

CBA Ltd. is currently involved in remediation and reclamation planning for the Bralorne-Takla mine, an abandoned mercury mine in northern B.C. Representing Takla Lake First Nation (TLFN), and as a member of the Technical Working Group (TWG) for the project, CBA Ltd. has been working with the provincial governments Crown Land Opportunities and Restoration Branch (CLORB), SNC Lavalin Environment and Azimuth Consulting Group to complete site investigation activities, as well as final planning for site remediation and reclamation. To date, CBA Ltd. has contributed an update to the wildlife habitat mapping for the site and has been working with TLFN to complete a comprehensive list traditional use plants and wildlife for the area. CBA Ltd. has also been assisting in the development of a post-remediation revegetation plan.