Natural Resource Education

CBA Ltd. firmly believes and has a strong tradition in conveying our expertise to others. We have a long history of providing training experiences to clients, other consultants, interested individuals, and the public at large. Through both theory and field components our education opportunities provide in-depth and comprehensive lessons in our subjects of study.
CBA Ltd. helped develop, and continues to provide a vital role in teaching wildlife/danger tree assessments. We have also instructed workshops and training in species at risk identification and operations, Forest Practices Code biodiversity management, wildlife inventory techniques, and related WCB safe work practices. CBA Ltd. has the expertise in the field and office necessary to provide thorough, effective, and enjoyable training opportunities to a broad range of individuals interested in natural resource education.

Wildlife and Danger Tree Assessment Course

The Wildlife/Danger Tree Assessor's Course (WDTAC) is recognized in British Columbia by the provincial Ministry of Forests and Range, Ministry of Environment, and WorkSafe BC (Workersafe Compensation Board), as the current standard of care (i.e., the best available and accepted standards and practices) for assessing dangerous trees and evaluating wildlife habitat value in forestry, non-urban park, and wildland fire situations.

Neotropical and Resident Songbird Monitoring Training

Our highly qualified Ornithologists provide training for our field technicians annually to keep our staff up to date on techniques and protocols for neotropical and resident songbird surveys and monitoring. The discussion includes logistics such as fire and road saftey concerns as well as distance to bird calibrations and point count survey procedure refinements.