Head Office


John Cooper, MSc, RPBio, CEO

John Cooper is widely acknowledged expert ornithologist and wildlife biologist in British Columbia. In 35 years of professional experience he has conducted and managed studies on wildlife, wildlife habitat, and environmental impact assessments throughout British Columbia. He has prepared more than 250 publications including six books, scientific papers, technical reports, and popular articles on birds, other wildlife, and environmental impact assessments. The Birds of British Columbia Vols.1-4, studies of reservoir ecology, 4 years on Haida Gwaii researching breeding ecology of birds, 3 seasons on the Tatsenshini River documenting wildlife, and a book on wildlife and trees remain his favourite projects.

Suzanne Beauchesne, BSc, RPBio, CFO

Suzanne has 15 years professional experience as a wildlife biologist in western North America. She has worked in forest, grassland, marine and fresh water ecosystems and has conducted studies on birds, reptiles, amphibians, black bears, small mammals, bats, ungulates, and terrestrial molluscs. She currently manages a number of projects and manages all human resources for CBA. Suzanne is the author or co-author of four national (COSEWIC) status reports, one national recovery strategy, one national management plan, and numerous provincial status reports, as well as other technical reports. Suzanne is a volunteer member of the Garry Oak Ecosystem Recovery Team, Vertebrates-at-Risk Recovery Implementation Group, the National Horned Lark strigata,Vesper Sparrow affinis Multi-species Recovery Team and the National Lewis's Woodpecker Management Team. In her spare time she breeds, raises and trains horses. Suzanne's perfect day includes doing a bird survey from horseback

Andrew MacInnis, MSc, RPBio

Andrew MacInnis is a senior fisheries biologist and project manager in CBAs Head Office on Vancouver Island. He is currently managing a number of projects related to BC Hydro Water Licence requirements in the Peace River system, and two ellgrass restoration projects on Vancouver Island. Prior to joining CBA in 2008, Andrew was working as a fisheries biologist and project manager based in Calgary. His experience there included numerous environmental impact assessments of natural resource and development projects, fish habitat assessments, design of fish habitat mitigation and compensation plans, EIA review, and environmental management for international development projects. Other career highlights include work on brook trout and stream insects in PEI, involvement in a multi-year study of an Atlantic salmon stream in New Brunswick, sampling juvenile winter flounder in the Bay of Fundy, research on the round goby (an invasive fish species in the Great Lakes), work on the northern madtom (a small ictalurid catfish), a literature review for the upper Columbia River wetlands (focused on fish and wildlife), and volunteering with the annual fish rescue on the Piikani Reserve in southern Alberta.